Election War Room

Monitor Client Campaigns

* Analysis & Monitoring Media Campaigns

* Maintain Online reputation

* Track Opponent Activities & used them in negative campaigning

Make Strategy To Enhance Productivity

* Audience Creation & Arrange them according campaign need

* More presentable photographs with high quality so that it should be more presentable

* Analyze How people of your constituency to make candidate popular

Attend all local or major Rally

* Publish All rally HD photos on Social Media

* Make them viral in your Constituency

* Arrange all rally stuff for better audience gathering

Deep analysis opponent online Activity

* Track Their Social Media Campaigns

* Audience type tracking

* Try to voters turn-out through Analytical Data.

How Election War Room Works?

Decision-making war room

In this section of Election War room we have the experts core team for decision making for all Online media campaigns. This is the major section of political election campaign management process.

Chunav Guru is the political election campaign management agency, which have expertise in all elections promotion methods.

Media-monitoring war room

This sections take command from the core team memebers. In media-monitoring war room, a dedicated team of approx 8-10 peoples, which are only responsive for all online media activity of Political campaigns.

this team followed by the media manager of the project lead staff.

We also have a rapid response team, who only act to shape the all ongoing campaigns
Chunav Guru is the political election campaign management agency, which have expertise in all elections promotion methods.

Election-day war room

Final & Major Segment of Election war room, which is lead by the campaign project Director. Mainly this team opoerate on the Election day to monitor election booths and the voters turnouts.

All regional directors have all the charge to ensure your win, they directly communicate to campaign project director.

Each constituency has vote targets, and meeting all targets is how you win.


The common things about all three segments of Election campaign is that, they are inter-linked and take very good care of all online campaigns.

War rooms are catalysts for decision-making, and they do this by getting information to the people who need it in real time or by having the decision-makers convened to facilitate action.

Election War Room Team

Graphic Designing

Video Designer

Project Director

Illustrator For Cartoon Designing

Video-Grapher For Cover Political Rallies

Photographer For HD Photography

Highy Qualified Content Writer

Regional Director

Project Manager

162 Satisfied Politicians
9 States We Serve
13 Years Of Expertise